Scyori Released!

Scyori Assembly Edition has been released! Try out our Assembly Summer 2013 production.

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Pyxenos on Desura!

Pyxenos is now available for free download on Desura! Try out our Assembly Summer 2012 production.

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Play Blogic

Have you yet tried our arcade puzzle action game? Near fifty levels of fun to complete.

Available for free download on Desura.

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Protect Anubis

Give our first mobile game a go. Download Protect Anubis on your Windows Phone 7 and do your part in preserving the Anubian heritage.

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1st August 2013 18:38:00

Our new game Scyori has been released and is available for download. Game was developed for Assembly Summer 2013 Gamedev Compo.

23rd January 2013 18:36:08

Pyxenos has been updated with a bug fix patch. Read more »

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